Passion on Purpose

“There’s no ceiling. Only sky.”


Join us Sept. 12 - 14, 2019

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S.O.A.R. Into Your Brilliance

September 12 – 14, 2019

Spark Your Genius
Own Your Message
Activate Your Passion
Realize Your Purpose

Here’s a peek into our last event!

A Look Inside as to why you should be in the room.

Our speakers include experts on Time Management, Websites, Branding, Social Media, Business Strategies, and much, much more!

  • Will learn how to strategically grow your business step-by-step.
  • Will find out how to build your brand, message & business through speaking, events and networking.
  • Will see what’s possible IS also doable!
  • Need to understand that Risk and Reward truly go hand-in-hand.
  • Will learn what corporate structure is right for you and the associated tax benefits.
  • Will also chat, connect & collaborate with 100 amazing like-minded entrepreneurs.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey; we want to help you get from YOUR NOW to YOUR DREAM whatever it may be!

You will be fired up; inspired, engaged and walk away with practical tools to take action!

Thursday, September 12th – Saturday, September 14th, 2019
Irvine Hotel, Irvine, California

Please note that the hotel discount rate closed on August 22nd.
We have a few spots left if you contact us directly before August 30th no later then 8:30 am.

your VIP ticket Includes

Special Self-Care Treatments, Evening Cocktail Event, and Daily Coaching Circle Lunches on Thursday, September 12th.

Meet Our Host

Missy Camp Anderson

My path to creating Passion on Purpose has been an adventure – at times it has been exciting and empowering and at others, it has been difficult and daunting.

Certified in NLP neurolinguistic programming, I have a bachelors in business administration from University of Redland, a law degree from Western State University, and am a graduate of the Master’s Program for Women.

I have had a career spanning more than 40 years, from law enforcement, to a corporate executive of a Fortune 500 company, to the world of entrepreneurial business ownership and Direct Sales. All these roads have led me here – training, strategizing and mentoring people who want to discover their genius, ignite their passion, and take it to the next level.

What I have learned from my vast experience is that I am able to effectively advise others on how to find their why and live their life’s passion. Now, I help people not only find their passion but I teach them how to monetize it.

What are you waiting for?